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The ABPOF Group

A resource for business professionals over 50 who need guidance, expert advice, tips and support so that they can be competitive in the workforce

My goal is to provide inspiration, a sense of community and career guidance to 50+'ers who want to match their lifestyle and their economic needs

– Joyce Fortier

Who Joins ABPOF?

ABPOF is specifically for you if...

  • You are getting interviews, but not job offers
  • You do not feel in control of your career
  • Have been turned down for promotions or not getting job offers after interviews, even though you are highly qualified for the position
  • You’re scared because you’re unemployed and feeling passed over and you’re too young to retire
  • You have to work another 20 years to support yourself, when you’d like to retire
  • You feel technology has passed you up and can’t compete with all the younger people vying for the jobs you want

          I'm sure that you have found that even though hiring managers try to give all job seekers a fair chance, they tend to choose younger people when making hiring decisions or giving out promotions.

          So, now there is a resource for you to go where you will learn what to do to dramatically increase your chances of getting new employment, or advance in your current position. You can get instant access to this all-in-one resource for motivated individuals who want to take charge of their career and keep it on track. Receive cutting edge information from recognized career experts, on how to seek and obtain high-paying jobs that are a good fit for your skills, interests and lifestyle.

Join today and access the first - and only - one stop resource for people over 50 on how to handle their career!

What your membership gives you:

tickMonthly Topic Calls by me and other recognized career experts. The sessions are recorded for
         additional listening whenever you want - at your          leisure

tickTemplates, checklists and scripts on how to handle various situations, either at work or in a
         job search

tickAccess to a private membership forum where I personally participate and where you can connect          with a community of other like individuals to         receive unlimited tips & support

tickA bi-monthly newsletter that provides additional up-to-date information on relevant topics

tick15% savings on any other product or service Create Your Career offers

tickThe opportunity to learn of new career opportunities and to network with a group of          forward-thinking individuals

tickQ&A calls where you can ask me any questions you want regarding your career of your job          search

tickMe - focused on helping you with open, honest, straightforward mentoring - what you need to          hear, whether or not it's what you want to hear

All of this for just $19.97 per month!

          Each coaching session will be held on the
2nd Tuesday of every month from 7-8:15 PM EST, and can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office by telephone or by the web. Also, each session will be recorded so you can hear it if you can't be at one of the sessions, or if you need to hear the information over again

          You can, of course, cancel your membership at any time and your card will not be charged again (sorry, we can't refund partial months used)

          I honestly don't know of any other program that is this affordable and includes THIS MUCH time with me coaching and mentoring you on real career topics and the things which are holding you back!

          I know you will value this time and use it to get the answers you need to take action - immediately and consistently!

The results you'll experience:

  • Getting results when applying for a job online
  • Not feeling like your resume is going into some dark hole
  • Feeling like you are valued for the type of job you want, knowing how your age can be a benefit instead of a detriment
  • Feeling like you’re in control of your career instead of feeling helpless or settling for less
  • Finding out how to increase your chances of getting hired after you have interviewed
  • And most of all, finding new employment before your unemployment benefits and savings run out - I'll show you that your membership is worth every single penny...and much, much more

          My goal is to put affordable REAL coaching and information in your hands, information you need to reach your career goals. It's insane to think you have to pay thousands of dollars to get this information in a program. You don't. The information you will received has helped thousands of people and I want it to help you too.

Examples of Previous Topics:

How to Overcome Age Bias at Interviews and On the Job
    -  Overqualified/Under qualified

Creating a Dynamite LinkedIn Profile that Generates Interest      in you and the Value you Have

How to Crack the Hidden Job Market Where 80+% of Jobs     are Found

How to Optimize Your Resume so it Gets Results - Strategies      for Workers over 50

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See why JOYCE FORTIER can make this happen for you!

          I know that once you experience the amazing support, information, accountability and coaching provided, you'll consider ABPOF an important aspect of your Career Support Team!

Be the architect of your life, not the victim of your career!


phone: (248) 478-5662

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Thank you so much for the excellent resume and cover letter you wrote, and for the effective coaching I received. When I contacted you, I had been looking for a job for two years, with no luck. I came to you wondering what to do next. Once my resume was sent out – on a Monday, I had two interviews and two job offers by Wednesday – two days later, and they were for the type of job I wanted! I could not believe how quickly it all happened.

Kelly Spencer,
Communications Manager, Michigan

Joyce Fortier and I are professional colleagues, and fellow members of Career Management Alliance. She has 18 years experience in career management, has been published worldwide in several resume books. I have included some of her resumes and cover letters in my most recent books because her resumes are clear, concise and bring results. Joyce knows how to present her clients value for maximum impact to potential employers. I highly recommend using her services if you want success in your job search.

Martin Yate



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