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Job Search Coaching

“Invest” in your career & your future by signing up today!

This is a boot camp for Job Seekers...
Who Want Quick Results™

Boost your job search success by receiving the tools that work effectively, can put be put to use immediately. This workshop is held in the privacy of your own home via the web or phone -you don't have to go anywhere!

This is an opportunity for anyone
Who Wants Quick Results

     "The one who gets the job is not the best qualified...but the one who knows the most about getting a job"

Richard Bolles ~ 

The Boot Camp in a nutshell:

I will lead you through a simple step-by-step system, that you can implement immediately, where you can Get the results you really want - CALLS FOR INTERVIEWS!

I will be with you each step of the way to guide you and answer any questions you have and You will receive tons of content, in addition to checklists, samples, and mock interviews.

Boot Camp for Job Seekers Who Want Quick Results™ is held the second week of every month and spans over a two day period with 2½ hours each day. The session is held from 7:00 - 9:30 PM EST each day  -  so you can kick-start your job search now!

In addition, you will receive an extra Q!A session where you can get coached on any questions you might have - all from the convenience of your own home.

That's six hours of coaching!

The Benefits:

tickUp-to-date information that teaches you the latest techniques and trends on what works in a          successful job search  - a step-by-step program          that has been proven to be highly effective

tick A detailed plan that you can follow during your job search, and know it will work

tick A step-by-step plan to uncover the HIDDEN JOB MARKET where 85% of job are found

tickTip sheets and check lists to help keep you focused, motivated and accountable, so you          can record your progress and track your results

tickBeing coached by an expert career coach to learn the key aspects and proven methods on          how to successfully find a job

tickThe opportunity to network with other job seekers who are also currently conducting a job          search - hear their experiences and learn what          does and doesn't work for them

tickThe step-by-step guidance you need in order to make your job search successful

tickThe support of your career coach and the other job seekers in the Boot Camp, who truly
         care about your success - being able to talk with          others going through the same process

tickA definite advantage of getting reemployed much quicker than those job seekers who do not          know this information

tickEverything you learn can be implemented immediately so you can feel confident you are          taking the necessary steps to conduct an          effective job search

tickEach session will be recorded for you to listen to over and over in the comfort and privacy of          your home

The Sessions Will Include:

 • How to put an effective job search plan together - you will receive a Job Search Plan that is proven to work

 • How to use the Internet so you will get optimum results - job boards are only a small part of it

 • How to uncover the Hidden Job Market  - where 85% of jobs are found

 • How to interview effectively so you will get job offers - you will receive questions to practice with and questions to ask the interviewer, in addition to how to answer many questions

 • How to put your 60 SECOND COMMERCIAL together - you will learn how to answer the question “Tell me about yourself” in ways that makes others want to know more about you - this exercise is an essential component of the job search and is used in the interview process and when networking

 • Networking with other job seekers who can share best practices and support you in the future

 • And much, much more - you will receive templates, forms, checklists, sample letters, etc; in addition to my tips, secrets, strategies that I have acquired in my 22 years of working with job seekers

Imagine.... having a step - by - step plan of exactly what to do and how to do it, so that you will get calls to interview at companies where you want to work and get offered the salary you deserve!

My goal is to serve you so you will find employment! The resources and knowledge you will walk away with by attending the Boot Camp for Job Seekers Who Want Quick Results™ are invaluable. You will gain a new-found confidence, tons of ideas, and more energy to increase your chances of getting job offers  -  IMMEDIATELY!


qmarkHow does this Boot Camp for Job Seekers who want quick results™ work?

I will coach you through by providing six hours of teleclasses/webinars - each hour covering a condensed version of a different subject - an area you need to know in order to conduct a successful job search. You will receive a specific phone number and access code or a web link so you can partake in the boot camp.

qmarkWhat is covered in the Boot Camp for Job Seekers who want quick results™? You will        learn:

  1. Various channels and methods for conducting an effective job search
  2. How to use Social Networking to find a job
  3. How to decide the specific value you bring to an employer
  4. How to interview successfully
  5. How to create a Job Search Plan that meets your specific needs

In addition, there will be a separate call to learn about constructing a successful 60 SECOND COMMERCIAL, and another call afterward for additional Q&A - a total of seven hours of coaching!

qmarkHow do I know this is going to work for me?

I have held hundreds of these coaching sessions in the past. Every person who has been in these sessions has received calls to interview, or has landed a job after learning the material they received from me - within two to eight weeks. Clients email me each week, saying they have received a job offer - and, some of them have been out of work two years or longer. I WANT YOU TO HAVE THAT SAME SUCCESS!

You need to decide what you are willing to do to become successful in you job search. If what you've been doing is not bringing the results you want ~ 

                    IT'S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!

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qmarkWhat is my investment in this program??

Your investment is a one-time payment of only $97.00 “a $1,200 value” which covers:

  • Six hours of coaching by an expert career coach
  • Tons of ready prepared tools, methods, forms and checklists to implement in your job search
  • Support from me and others in the program

qmarkWhat happens without this information? ?

You struggle by week after week getting no results while your bank account gets lower and lower. I don't want that to happen to you. There is a better way and I can show you how to resume getting a pay check again!

After working with thousands of people like yourself, I know what works and what doesn't when it comes to searching for a job, and I want to share that information with you so you will Get more interviews within a shorter period of time. This training is for anyone who is SERIOUS about finding a new job quickly! Your investment for this extremely valuable information that will jump-start your job search is only $97.00 for all seven hours of coaching - which is a $1,200 value - for just under $14.00 per hour. Believe me, that's a real bargain!

                               My goal is your success -
              Let's get you employed as quickly as possible!


phone: (248) 478-5662

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Your contact information is secure and confidential and will not be shared, rented or sold to anyone.


Thank you so much for the excellent resume and cover letter you wrote, and for the effective coaching I received. When I contacted you, I had been looking for a job for two years, with no luck. I came to you wondering what to do next. Once my resume was sent out – on a Monday, I had two interviews and two job offers by Wednesday – two days later, and they were for the type of job I wanted! I could not believe how quickly it all happened.

Kelly Spencer,
Communications Manager, Michigan

Joyce Fortier and I are professional colleagues, and fellow members of Career Management Alliance. She has 18 years experience in career management, has been published worldwide in several resume books. I have included some of her resumes and cover letters in my most recent books because her resumes are clear, concise and bring results. Joyce knows how to present her clients value for maximum impact to potential employers. I highly recommend using her services if you want success in your job search.

Martin Yate



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