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The Keys to an effective Job Search

The goal at Create Your Career is to give you all the tools you need to obtain the results you desire, and to provide you with the personalized attention you deserve. We guide you through each step as you position yourself as a top contender by showing you how to:

  • Get your resume in the hands of the decision maker

  • Dramatically increase your chances of being called for interviews

  • Feel Confident while interviewing so you can “Ace the Interview”

  • Outperform your competition

  • Negotiate the salary you deserve

Benefits of working with a Career Coach include:

Having a resume and cover letter that is far superior to 99% of your competition

Understanding the specific value you bring to the table, so you can share that value with prospective employers, in         how you can meet their specific needs

Not having to struggle alone through the whole process, as you will have a career expert to guide you

Being called to interview for the types of job you really deserve

Getting calls for interviews so you will have a choice of positions, and you won’t have to sit around waiting for the        phone to ring

Receiving higher compensation in your new position, so that you know you’re getting paid what you’re worth

Learning how to cut 4 – 6 weeks of wasted time out of your job search

Making the money you deserve a lot sooner, as your job search will be shortened

Having a specific plan of action so you can go through the search process easily and effortlessly, as you gain clarity        and momentum for what to do and how to do it

Not having to experiment as to what job search strategies work, as you will become educated in the latest         techniques

Access to Laser Coaching – short scheduled sessions where you can get answers to specific questions /        problems as they arise


The following packages and services provide you with everything you need to accomplish the above and conduct a successful job search.

ACCELERATED JOB SEARCH PACKAGE ~ This package is PERFECT FOR THOSE JOB SEEKERS WHO WANT QUICK RESULTS in landing a new position. it’s for people who want to know the latest and most effective techniques so they can conduct their job search as quickly as possible. It’s for those who don’t have the time, or patience to spend months finding a new job. There will be a LOT OF 1-ON-1 COACHING, IN ADDITION TO GROUP SUPPORT, a concrete plan of action, and marketing materials that are superior to 99% of the competition.

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • ASCII version
  • Personal Search Strategy Planning
  • Consultation for Career Branding
  • Resume Revisions
  • Unlimited email support
  • Focused Recruiter Search
  • DISC Assessment
  • 60-Second Commercial
  • 1-Page Resume
  • Web Resume
  • 30-Minute Coaching Call
  • Laser Coaching (up to 5 times)
  • Membership in THE JOB HUNTERS SUCCESS COACHING CLUB – 3 months
  • 100 Days to Job Success

INVESTMENT: $2277.00 - $2977.00

Felt Totally Prepared for my Job Search

“Joyce did a marvelous job coaching me in preparation for an interview for a dream job with my existing company (in 2009) - not only on appropriate questions to ask, but also on salary negotiations. I would not hesitate in hiring Joyce again, and strongly recommend you take advantage of her guidance in getting a new job or in fine-tuning your career."

Roevel Guzman
Senior Manager, ScotiaBank
February, 2009

JUMP-START JOB SEARCH PACKAGE (OUR BEST SELLER) ~ This package is PERFECT FOR JOB SEEKERS WHO HAVE MORE TIME, OR WANT TO TAKE THEIR JOB SEARCH AT A SLOWER PACE. Since they don’t receive all the information and personal support of those receiving the accelerated package, they have to spend more time with trial and error, seeing what works and what doesn’t, but they will get a plan of action that will generate calls for interviews. People who choose this package will get marketing materials superior to 99% of their competition, LIMITED COACHING AND SOME GROUP SUPPORT.

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • ASCII version
  • Personal Search Strategy Planning
  • Consultation for Career Branding
  • Resume Revisions
  • Unlimited email support
  • Focused Recruiter Search
  • DISC Assessment
  • 60-Second Commercial

INVESTMENT: $1577.00 - $2277.00

Resume & Coaching
Made the Difference

“After being laid off from Chrysler in December, 2008, I have been looking for a job, with no results. A family member gave me a gift certificate to have my resume redone and to get some coaching sessions. After sending out my new resume at 2:30 a day or so after receiving it, I got contacted by a company at 4:00 to see about an interview – that was just 1-1/2 hours after sending it out – and in this depressed economy in the Detroit area. The process has helped prepare me for the interview and I feel confident about the value I have to offer a new employer. As you can imagine, I highly recommend the services Joyce provides. I feel optimistic about finding a job soon."

Bart Ferguson
Project Manager
February, 2009

Fantastic Resume!

“Joyce, I asked a recruiter to look at my “new” resume, and this is what he said: “I thought your resume was stellar. This is one reason I reached out to you. We see about 400+ resumes a day and yours was nice to look at. It was easy to take the info in and make a judgment call. I say it was worth the money!”

Grant Holmes
President, CEO
Speak2You, Inc.

MAKING HEADWAY JOB SEARCH PACKAGE ~ This is our basic package. It is PERFECT FOR JOB SEEKERS WHO WANT TO RECEIVE THE BARE ESSENTIALS AND WHO HAVE LOTS OF TIME TO CONDUCT A JOB SEARCH. While they will receive an excellent resume and cover letter, they will need to spend time discovering which job search strategies are most effective. This group will receive VERY LITTLE COACHING OR GROUP SUPPORT.

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • ASCII version
  • Consultation for Career Branding
  • Resume Revisions
  • Unlimited email support

INVESTMENT: $777.00 - $1277.00


"Because of my age (56), I felt I would never be able to find the Senior Management position I was wanting. You were able to pull my vast experience together and present it in a way prospective employers would see the benefits I could offer them. I am now working at a job I love, making more money than ever before."

Bill Wise,
Federal Express, Kentucky

"Joyce, I thought my job search would take a long time with the job market being what it is, and my level in management. However, my resume got me interviews and I was offered a position as Director of Human Resources."

Vickie Potter,
Phoenix Group, New York



Consultation and strategy sessions to discuss career goals and to determine resume strategies; completion of a proprietary work sheet to focus on your own special branding and highlight the unique value you bring to a company, a professionally written first draft sent to you in a word document and collaboration on revisions.

Essential to have if you plan on using the Internet during your job search. You receive a file conversion only of your formatted resume and cover letter. File is delivered by email.

COVER LETTER — $75 - $200
We summarize your skills and qualifications to meet the needs of your target audience with the objective of motivating employers to review your resume. Your cover letter will be focused to your specific qualifications, yet flexible enough to apply to specific job opportunities without extensive rewriting.

DISC ASSESSMENT — $145 - $245, depending on version needed – includes 45 min. of coaching
Behavioral information for both a person’s natural and adapted style is easily explained to help understand the differences. Our ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure in our work and personal lives. It helps you by:

  • Identifying how behavioral styles bring specific talents and behavior to your work environment and social surroundings

  • Improving relationships by understanding how and why different behavioral styles react and respond

  • Showing you how to use your particular strengths to communicate effectively
    The profiling session takes less than 10 minutes to complete and you are then provided with a comprehensive computerized interpretation of your personal communication and behavioral style.

This BEHAVIORAL PROFILE shows how your behavior, and that of others, can be essential for your future career success.

This valuable marketing tool provides a model to be used to for the question "Tell me about yourself" and is used for networking, phone, information and structured interviews. It’s a unique exercise that lets you hone in on exactly what you do and how to succinctly state the value you bring value to an employer - why they should hire you over others.

Used for networking purposes, this condensed résumé provides a thumb-nail sketch of your career & your qualifications.

This is a two-part process. First, we go over the resume in a detailed manner and I make suggestions as to what would work best. You do all the writing in making the changes we discussed and then resubmit the resume. Next, we go over it again and make final corrections.

Profile development, key words, reformatting & minor tweaking of verbiage under the “experience” section

Used for publicity purposes, board memberships, consulting packages, etc.

Your resume is put on the web, as a networking tool, & made available for others to see. You have the link to your resume & it is you who determines who gets to view it. This is something you control and it’s not just out there for anyone to see.

WEB PORTFOLIO — Fees vary, depending on the amount of information and work involved.
It is essential, in these times, to have an Internet presence when conducting a job search. A web portfolio would include a personal branding statement to your target audience, what separates you from your competition, a lot of evidence showing accomplishments, testimonials, certifications, a unique byline, and other things that highlight your specific value.

1 on 1 coaching for your specific needs, whether assessing what type of career you want, or any or the myriad of steps on putting together a plan and conducting an effective job search. Career coaching sessions can also cover such areas as interview preparation, salary negotiation & networking strategies.

Short one-on-one coaching sessions that hone in on specific problems you are encountering as you go through your job search. We discuss a specific area and the coaching is from 5 – 15 minutes at a time, up to five times.

This service searches a database of up to 15,000 recruiters, nationwide, matching your criteria (job focus, industry, geographic location and salary range) and then your resume and cover letter is sent only to those recruiters who match the specific criteria for the type of job you are seeking. There is a tracking mechanism that eliminates duplication.

TARGETED COMPANY RESEARCH — Fees vary – We offer two paths:

  1. We can coach you on job search and targeted company research and you can do the work yourself.

  2. We can recommend the services of one of our affiliates, Debra Feldman, an accomplished research specialist who works with executives to free them from the time-intensive tasks associated with a targeted job search campaign. Debra focuses on providing information that helps you determine company needs and focus your personal solutions. If you would like to go this route, just let me know and I will contact her.



phone: (248) 478-5662

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Thank you so much for the excellent resume and cover letter you wrote, and for the effective coaching I received. When I contacted you, I had been looking for a job for two years, with no luck. I came to you wondering what to do next. Once my resume was sent out – on a Monday, I had two interviews and two job offers by Wednesday – two days later, and they were for the type of job I wanted! I could not believe how quickly it all happened.

Kelly Spencer,
Communications Manager, Michigan

Joyce Fortier and I are professional colleagues, and fellow members of Career Management Alliance. She has 18 years experience in career management, has been published worldwide in several resume books. I have included some of her resumes and cover letters in my most recent books because her resumes are clear, concise and bring results. Joyce knows how to present her clients value for maximum impact to potential employers. I highly recommend using her services if you want success in your job search.

Martin Yate



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